Tokyo police leaked data

Tokyo – Japan

Internal documents on terrorism investigations by the Metropolitan Police Department may have been leaked on the Internet via file-sharing software, according to police sources.

The documents are likely part of those compiled by a section in charge of investigating international terrorism in the MPD’s Public Safety Bureau, the sources said.

The documents found online reportedly include investigative data and contain personal information on people who are believed to be ordinary citizens.

The MPD was investigating the route of the suspected leak and trying to confirm whether the documents are genuine and if they had been compiled by the section.

According to a senior MPD official, the documents found on the Internet include a list of section members and investigative documents. The documents, which were in the form of data files, are accessible to anyone on the Internet.

The alleged leak came to light Friday night with a tip from an outsider. “At least,” an MPD official said, “judging from the contents, they [the documents] are not recent.”

The section in question was established in October 2002 in the wake of a series of international terrorist attacks, including the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States.

Currently, the section is gathering information about international terrorism in preparation for the summit meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum to be held in Yokohama in November.

In 2007, investigative documents were found to have been leaked from a privately owned personal computer of a senior MPD police officer.

The MPD has since prohibited all members from using file-swapping software.

“We are investigating the contents of the allegedly leaked documents,” a senior MPD official said. “I can’t comment on details now.”


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