First NoSQL event in Luxembourg is a success

First NoSQL event in Luxembourg did take place this evening, and can be tagged with #success, # fun, #education, #ties, #footfall

Thanks to the #Yajug and the conference’s sponsors


We had a great NoSQL conference, providing nice overall introduction, case study introducing advantage and potential difficulties as well as a migration case .


If you want to follow,joing or contribute to the NoSQL Community in LuxembourgData storyLuxNoSQL on Twitter


Laurent Kratz’s presentation can be dowbnloaded here: NoSQL Jamendo Slides

Steven Noels’s presentation is available here


Steven Noels, Co-founder, has open the conference with a great introduction to NoSQL

Holger Schackmann and Jean-Christophe Denis, from KPMG Luxembourg, had a nice case study building of based on Berkley DB

Laurent Kratz,  Jamendo‘s Founder , explained how they moved forward and embrace NoSQL solution to solve load peak issue (presentation build from bunch of screenshot distributed through its iPhone)

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