First NoSQL event in Luxembourg – Open and free the 25th January

A trend, a movement, a new database generation …. are common term to define NoSQL.
If nobody knows for sure what the future of NoSQL will be like, we already know it has been an answer for creators such as Google, Amazon,Facebook, Twitter,Linkedin etc …. NoSQL has been at the center of all successful internet company during the last 5 years, and now, few years after project has been open sourced it’s ready to enter into the business world.

The “NoSQL community in Luxembourg” and the YaJUG are proud to announce the first NoSQL event in Luxembourg.

If you never even heard about NoSQL this event is made for you as a general and educational event, if you’re familiar take this opportunity to join a NoSql community in Luxembourg. The event will focus on NoSQL databases: scalable, highly distributed, schema-less and mostly open source.


  • Target audience

Primarly Developers, architects, project managers but the event will be open and free for everyone.

  • Agenda – January 25th 2011

17h00 – Welcome and registration

17h30 – Practical thoughts on NoSQL and BigData for Java people, Steven Noels, member at Apache Software Foundation and  Founder at (english, slides in english)

In this presentation, Steven will give a technical backgrounder story of how NoSQL became a marketing hype overnight, and something immensely useful for BigData Java engineers little time after that. I’ll give you an overview of different product families, some basic concepts of distributed data architectures, and some lessons we learned ourselves when building our own NoSQL scalable content repository with HBase and SOLR.

18h15 – Embracing changes to the data model – NoSQL and agile development, by Holger Schackmann and Jean-Christophe Denis, KPMG Luxembourg (english, slides in english)

NoSQL databases differ from the classic relational database management systems in several ways. They usually do not require a fixed table schema and often offer a simple API. These properties can be utilized in an evolutionary design process.
In this session we will report about using a “schema-free” database in an agile context, based on our experiences from the development of, a media website focused on the concept of hyperlocality. We will introduce the underlying database Berkeley DB, examine a number of technical considerations, and discuss the interplay with the development process.

19h00 – Uploading, storing and delivering free music around the world, by Laurent Kratz, Founder, Jamendo (french, slides in english)

Jamendo is world’s biggest free music community. Since 2005, due to its success, the platform had to evolve from a simple LAMP architecture to something more advanced involving NoSQL, cloud services and load balancing and massive caching. The presentation will explain our technical choices.

19h45 – Drink and networking


  • Registration

This event us free and open for everyone, but please register here if you plan to attend.


  • Sponsors

This event will be sponsored by Logica and Agile Partner.


  • Location

Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor
29, avenue John F. Kennedy
L – 1855 Luxembourg – Kirchberg


  • About the “NoSQL community in Luxembourg”

It’s meant to be a group of folks, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, dedicated to learning and educating about NoSQL databases,people who use/are interested in scalable computing technologies, such as Hadoop, MongoDB, CouchDB, Hypertable and “NoSQL” platforms.
The purpose is to share our information, expand our knowledge and network of people and ideas.
Within the group we intend to follow technologies and software trends, introduce solutions topics, but also covering Luxembourg’s oriented topics such as local regulation or nearby event.
Feel free to join us and/or forward this announcement.



It is a Java User Group that has been created in Luxembourg, having for objectives :

Promote, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the technologies, applications and methods related to Java, as well as foster the associated open-minded culture
Be the link, neutral and independent, between research, users and suppliers of Java,
Be an Agora dedicated to the exchange of experience and expertise gathering all stakeholders around Java,
As a Java user Group, participate in Luxembourg objective to become a hotspot for ICT development.
If you want to become a member: click here


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