Hypertable "pre4" released

  •     [Issue 617] Fixed superfluous RangeServer::create_scanner() request when scanning over exact range

  •     Removed benchmark tasks from Capfiles, added Capfile.benchmark

  •     Added support for ScanSpec in Hadoop streaming mapred

  •     Added hostname to AsyncComm proxy map

  •     issue 528: Allow embedded semicolons in HQL string constants

  •     Added optional support for jemalloc

  •     Fixed bug in scanner which causes assert when a scanner hits row limit and receives results from a cancelled scanner

  •     Missed checkin of auto-generated java code

  •     Fixed CellStore GC regression; Added test

  •     API Change: Made Table objects auto-refresh schema by default

  •     Added more info to RS_METRICS (including disk_bytes_read)

  •     Support for optionally including master location hash into RangeServer proxies

  •     Added support for IP addresses to be used as Hyperspace.Replication.Host strings.

  •     Added is_ipv4() method to InetAddr to test if a string is an ip addr in the n.n.n.n format.

  •     Fixed MergeScanner bug which failed to use MAX_VERSIONS filter correctly when value regex was used.

  •     Added '' escaping/unescaping to SELECT, DUMP TABLE, LOAD DATA INFILE

  •     Removed trailing slash on exclude hyperspace in Capfile rsync commands

  •     Added Hyperspace.Client.Datagram.SendPort property (default=0)

  •     Fixed bug in scanner timeout logic. Timers were not being reset correctly in between calls.

  •     Removing dependency on BerkeleyDb libraries in Hyperspace client library.

  •     Fixed Capfile install/upgrade tasks to work with standalone installs

  •     Fix for rounding error in LOAD DATA INFILE timestamp parsing

  •     Fix for KEYS_ONLY scan

  •     Fixed bug in MergeScanner logic.



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