Lily 1.0 released – Smart data, at scale, made easy

Outerthought is the company which 

develop Lily, the first content repository for the Age of Data – Smart Data, at Scale, made Easy, and Daisy, a sophisticated collaborative content management system.




Today they announced the first official major release of Lily




Lily 1.0 is out:
Smart Data at Scale, made Easy!
We’re really proud to release the first official major release of Lily – our flagship repository for scalable data and content management, after 18 months of intense engineering work. Along this event, we are also launching our commercial Lily services, and announcing some early-stage customers and partners. We’re thrilled being first to launch the first open source, general-purpose, highly-scalable yet flexible data repository based on NOSQL/BigData technology: read all about it below. 


Lily is Smart Data, at Scale, made Easy. Lily is a data and content repository made for the Age of Data: it allows you to store and manage vast amounts of data, and in the future will allow you to monetize user interactions by tracking and analyzing audience data.

Lily makes Big Data easy with a high-level, developer-friendly data model with rich types, versioning and schema management. Lily offers simple Java and REST APIs for creating, reading and managing data. Its flexible indexing mechanism supports interactive and batch-oriented index maintenance.

Lily is the foundation for any large-scale data-centric application: social media, e-commerce, large content management applications, product catalogs, archiving, media asset management: any data-centric application with an ambition to scale beyond a single-server setup. Don’t focus on scale and infrastructure: we’ll do that for you while you can focus on real differentiators.

Lily is dead serious about Scale. The Lily repository has been tested to scale beyond any common content repository technology out there, due to its inherently distributed architecture, providing economically affordable, robust, and high-performing data management services for any kind of enterprise application.

For whom

Lily puts BigData technology within reach of enterprise and corporate developers, wrapping high-care leading-edge technology in a developer-and administrator-friendly package. Lily offers the flexibility and scalability of Apache HBase, the de-facto leading Google BigTable implementation, and the sophistication and robustness of Apache SOLR, the market leader of open source enterprise and internet search. Lily sits on the shoulders of these Big Data revolution leaders, but provides additional ease of use strongly needed for corporate adoption.

Lily Enterprise

Lily Enterprise makes easy easier. Start using Lily with a turn-key technology adoption process featuring training, proof-of-concept consulting, mentoring, enterprise support and a host of enterprise add-on tools, such as cluster deployment tools, administrative user interface, and easy installation packages. Lily Enterprise is a subscription-based software and services offer available worldwide.

What’s next

Beyond scalable data management, Lily will evolve into an all-in-one database/data warehouse/business intelligence platform, providing its users with insights on all aspects of data usage and audience data. Lily 1.5 will have built-in attention data collection and analytics. Lily 2.0 will do real-time content recommendations based on attention data and user-provided domain knowledge. A Lily SaaS offer is also planned.

Early adopters and partners

Join the ranks of ADEO, the world’s 4th DIY retail group that adopted Lily as the foundation of its next-generation e-commerce platform. Explore Lily together with Bonnier, a leading multinational publishing group. Lily runs great on the Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop (CDH) and even better on Cloudera Enterprise. Lily is certified CDH-compatible. Early implementation partners are Cronos Group (BE), SFEIR (F) and Infosys.


Lily builds further upon the best data and search technology out there: Apache HBase and SOLR. HBase is in use at some of the largest data properties out there: Facebook, StumbleUpon and Yahoo! SOLR is rapidly replacing all proprietary enterprise search solutions and is one of the most popular open source projects at the Apache Software Foundation. We’re thankful for the developer communities working hard on these projects, and strive hard to contribute back where possible. We’re also appreciative of the commercial service suppliers backing these projects: Lucid Imagination and Cloudera.


Everything Lily can be found at Enjoy!








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