RSA SecurID officially compromised

RSA Security is admitting being compromised and is about to replace *virtually* (1) every SecurID tokens: 40 million device. This is the result of the hacking, successful hacking of the company which occur early this year(in march).

The EMC subsidiary issued a letter to customers acknowledging that SecurID failed to protect defense contractor Lockheed Martin, which last month reported a hack attempt, this attack were based on data stolen from the RSA hack. Defense contractors Northrop Grumman and L-3 Communications are both rumored to have faced similar attacks, with claims that Northrop suspended all remote access to its network last week.

For the few hackers, holding the data from RSA, SecurID was rendered equivalent to basic password authentication ….

(1) “for virtually every customer we have,” the company’s Chairman Art Coviello said in an interview


The Wall Street Journal article

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