Toshiba hacked,leaking 7,500 customers personal data

Toshiba Corp. has confirmed that its Toshiba American Information Systems Inc. server has been hacked in a press release.

Server had personal information for about 7,500 customers …681 customers’ email addresses and passwords may have been compromised or leaked during the process.

A Toshiba spokesperson noted that the company has not concluded when the hacking took place – partially why they could not comment on the matter sooner – but the U.S. unit first detected a problem on July 11 and then it was confirmed July 13 that it had, indeed, been hacked.

“On discovering the intrusion TAIS immediately took the server offline and initiated a comprehensive investigation,” said Toshiba in a statement. “Toshiba and its Group companies regard data security as a priority concern and will continue a thorough investigation of the incident. Toshiba will take all necessary precautions to avoid any recurrence of similar incidents and to ensure customer information remain secure.”

The company is still investigating the matter and customers have already been notified about the possibility that their personal data may have been affected, notes Thinq.

According to eSecurity Planet, the hacker, who identifies itself as V0iD, published the account information on two pastebin posts. The hacker claims that the leak contains 11 Toshiba administration officials’ email addresses and passwords using and a “top 3” list of an Air Force (, NASA ( and state government official’s email login.

This is only 10 percent of the list and V0iD has promised more to come.

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