Riak overview

Riak 1.0 is expected to be revealed and released soon by Basho Technologies, the creators of Riak.
Quick overview:
  • Riak is, along with Cassandra and Voldermort, an implementation of theĀ Amazon’s Dynamo.
  • Meaning it is a highly available, proprietary key-value structured storage system aka distributed data store.
  • Riak also implement a built-in MapReduce with native support for JavaScript and Erlang programming language.
  • Client drivers are available for Erlang, Python, Java, PHP, Javascript, and Ruby.
  • Riak is written using Erlang
  • Riak comes in two flavors: open source and enterprise. Enterprise is a superset of the open source version with a few features added.
  • No master node: all nodes in a Riak cluster are equal and each node is fully capable of serving any client request(possible using consistent hashing to distribute data around the cluster)


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