NoSQL event #2 in Luxembourg followup

Monday evening, the second NoSQL event in Luxembourg has taken place at CRP Henri Tudor Technoport.


As planned, Alexandre Dulaunoy described the design and implementation of BGP Ranking and Passive DNS to cope with the high-volume of information collected everyday upon the Redis key-value data store. CIRCL (the national CERT of Luxembourg) developed and integrated  this two tools helping the ranking of internet resources like ASN, domain name and IP addresses. The presentation raised a lot of interests and questions.


Then, Thibaut Britz, Trendiction’s CTO, explained how they operate a cluster of more than 250 Nosql servers running Cassandra. He detailed how jobs are being executed on their cluster in order to crawl and analyze the data collected. The analysis includes automatic detection and normalization for content type/language/duplicate to finally being able to deliver their customers: market research institutes and media analytics companies .He also unveiled an internal tools providing a global overview over the distributed job execution service, allowing to quickly determine the ongoing workloads on the 250 nodes. This presentation raised questions even beyond the scope of the data processing.


The session ended with a drink, extending the talks between the participant.

Thanks to everyone for sharing this moment, one more great NoSql event.




Speakers of the #2 event: Alexandre Dulaunoy and Thibaut Britz


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