Yajug event – JPA on NoSQL

A new great event upcoming at the JAYUGagenda next October 25th

 JPA on NoSQL: an approach with Hibernate OGM by Emmanuel Bernard

1.   The speaker

Emmanuel Bernard (http://emmanuelbernard.com/ )  co-author of Hibernate Search in Action from Manning.


2.   Abstract

PaaS, Cloud. How to store data is the real challenge. In a NoSQL store? Could we do that with familiar APIs?

The goal of Hibernate OGM is to explore how we could reuse Java Persistence (known domain model centric API) to store entities in NoSQL stores. It offers a JPA front end (object manipulation and JP-QL query) to applications while storing and querying data from a key/value grid (and other NoSQL later). That includes trying to support existing applications using JPA.

In this presentation, we will:

  • see an overview of the (No)SQL landscape and how a JPA front end can fit some interesting use cases.
  • explore how to store entities and associations into a key/value store and what compromise has to be made.
  • explore the trade-offs between schema vs schema-less, what can be translated from the relational model and what cannot
  • see how one can implement JP-QL queries on top of a non queryable technology (key/value store)

This presentation will contains live demos.


3.   When

 Next October 25th

  • 17h30 – Welcome and registration
  • 18h00 – JPA on NoSQL: an approach with Hibernate OGM
  • 20h00 – Drink and Networking


4.   Where

Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor
29, avenue John F. Kennedy
L – 1855 Luxembourg – Kirchberg


More details  on Yajug official website

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