Sword of the data, a brief History [part 1]

The Sword of the data, part #1
A Brief History of the last decade: "making things possible and making them easy"


1/First is the plummeting price of hard drive space, the storage cost has evenly decrease over the last 30 years


2/Second has cost the 2001 financial market crash, so called dot-com bubble, but has brings to the world, wired and wireless communication networks transmission for cheap and widespread. In few years, most of the world get connected to the Internet.



3/Third came the software innovation, required by the brand new challenges faced by the Internet company.

Google,Amazon,Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn had to solve a same technical problem. They needed to handle huge volume of data (at scale never reach before).Managing and processing those very large dataset in order to deliver result in (almost) realtime became the key challenge to lead the competition.

No existing software were available at this time to solve those problems, surprisingly, all those company took the same path: and conclude their only choice were to internally developed new peace of software to handle very massive data set based on distributed architecture (meaning using hundreds of computer that communicate through network in order to achieve a common goal)




4/At last, the innovation made public and open source


Last but not least, most of the software developed get opened source such as Hadoop,Cassandra(Facebook),Voldemort(LinkedIn). Google‘s map reduce patent get free of use. Amazon open its architecture to tier.Innovation were made easily accessible by the public

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