Sword of the data, a step behind [part 2]

This article follow the¬†“Sword of the data, a brief History [part 1]” available here



The Sword of the data, part #2

A step behind "the data issue" 



1/A horizon of new possibilities

We’re living a new era, which can probably be qualified as the big data era.In one decade, data is driving revolutionary changes in computing and the Internet,including new opportunities for generating revenue, improving the efficiency of business processes, any organization(whatever its size) can now operate over the world in real time etc …


2/Data-centric  enterprise

As all organization became more and more data-centric every day, they are capturing data at deeper levels of detail and keeping more history than they ever have before(and still increasing at an unprecedented pace/rate). Data is now the most important and valuable component of modern applications, websites, organisation business intelligence used for decision-making.


3/In this new era, “whatever lives or dies strictly by the sword of data”

When competing for the same ground, the keys to success will be linked to the ways you handle your data:

  • Safety: Information security became a requirement
  • Quality, Integrity, Consistency erroneous or conflicting data has a major cost to a business, bottom line, impacting customers, reputation and revenue.
  • Accessibility easy search and number of click required to reach a wanted data makes a difference
  • Availability downtime, now, have a cost
  • Velocity poor performance will reduces productivity



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