MySQL Cluster 7.2 GA has been released

Oracle is delighted to announce the immediate availability of the production-ready, GA release of MySQL Cluster 7.2, available for download under the GPL, and as part of the commercial MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition, including management tools, product certifications and 24×7 global support.

New benchmarks demonstrate MySQL Cluster’s ability to support the most demanding web and telecoms workloads, while maintaining 99.999% availability. MySQL Cluster delivered 1 billion queries per minute (17.6 million queries per second), scaled-out across 8 x commodity Intel x86 server nodes, accessed by the NoSQL C++ NDB API.


Enabling next generation web services:

  • 70x higher complex query performance
  • Native Memcached API
  • 4x higher data node scalability
  • Integration with the latest MySQL 5.5 server
  • Support for Virtual Machine (VM) environments;

Official annoucement:

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