HBase 0.90.6 has been released

Apache HBase 0.90.6 is now available. It is a bug fix release covering 31 bugs and 5 improvements.  Among them, 3 are blockers and 3 are critical, such as:

  • HBASE-5008HBase can not provide services to a region when it can’t flush the region, but considers it stuck in flushing,
  • HBASE-4773: HBaseAdmin may leak ZooKeeper connections,
  • HBASE-5060: HBase client may be blocked forever when there is a temporary network failure.

This release has improved system robustness and availability by fixing bugs that cause potential data loss, system unavailability, possible deadlocks, read inconsistencies and resource leakage.

The 0.90.6 release is backward compatible with 0.90.5. The fixes in this release will be included in CDH3u4.

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