Redis 2.6.0 RC1 have been released

Redis 2.6.0-RC1 have been released and can be downloaded here

Overview of new features and changes introduced in Redis 2.6.x:
  • Server side Lua scripting, see
  • Virtual Memory removed (was deprecated in 2.4)
  • Hardcoded limits about max number of clients removed.
  • AOF low level semantics is generally more sane, and especially when used in slaves.
  • Milliseconds resolution expires, also added new commands with milliseconds precision (PEXPIRE, PTTL, …).
  • Better memory usage for “small” lists, ziplists and hashes when fields or values contain small integers.
  • Read only slaves.
  • Clients max output buffer soft and hard limits. You can specifiy different limits for different classes of clients (normal,pubsub,slave).
  • AOF is now able to rewrite aggregate data types using variadic commands, often producing an AOF that is faster to save, load, and is smaller in size.
  • Every redis.conf directive is now accepted as a command line option for the redis-server binary, with the same name and number of arguments.
  • Hash table seed randomization for protection against collisions attacks.
  • Performances improved when writing large objects to Redis.
  • Integrated memory test, see redis-server –test-memory.
  • New DUMP, RESTORE, MIGRATE commands (back ported from Redis Cluster to 2.6).
  • CRC64 checksump in RDB files.
  • Better MONITOR output and behavior (now commands are logged before execution).
  • “Software Watchdog” feature to debug latency issues.
  • Significant parts of the core refactored or rewritten. New internal APIs and core changes allowed to develop Redis Cluster on top of the new code, however for 2.6 all the cluster code was removed, and will be released with Redis 3.0 when it is more complete and stable.
  • Redis ASCII art logo added at startup.
  • Crash report on memory violation or failed asserts improved significantly to make debugging of hard to catch bugs simpler.
  • redis-benchmark improvements: ability to run selected tests,CSV output, faster, better help.
  • redis-cli improvements: –eval for comfortable development of Lua scripts.
  • SHUTDOWN now supports two optional arguments: “SAVE” and “NOSAVE”.
  • INFO output split into sections, the command is now able to just show pecific sections.
  • New statistics about how many time a command was called, and how much execution time it used (INFO commandstats).
  • More predictable SORT behavior in edge cases.
  • Better support for big endian and *BSD systems.
  • Build system improved.



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