‘Flame’ is a continuation of the cyberwar history

Are we  at (Cyber) War ?

Over the last few years there has been growing event and talk about how the world seems to be plunging into cyber war as governments, hacking groups, terror groups, and hacktivists all seem to be increasing their attacks on networks, users, and data.

This is my short answer, only reflecting  my own opinion aka “the bad news”

Like it or not, but we probably are at war and worst …. this is your war.  whatever your are unwilling, you are a participant and you have an obligation to protect your computer and your data in any way you can, in order to not only avoid risks to yourself, but to reduce the chance of being used to relay attack  against others.


Stuxnet and Duqu were bright examples of cyber weapons which could even physically destroy infrastructure, and Flame is a continuation of this history … cyber war has been ongoing for years already. People are just not aware of it because cyber war is hidden.


Cyber war is evolving rapidly, and ‘Flame‘ vividly confirms this trend,Flame is a universal attacking tool kit used mostly for cyber espionage

  • It can record audio if a microphone is attached to the infected system
  • It can scan for locally visible Bluetooth devices(meaning phone for instance) if there is a Bluetooth adapter attached to the local system
  • It can do screen captures and transmit visual data
  • It can steal information from the input boxes when they are hidden behind asterisks, password fields



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