VoltDB 2.7.2 has been released

VoltDB 2.7.2 has been released and is available for community download.


Users of previous versions of VoltDB should take note of the following changes that might impact their existing applications.

1.1. Ability to Batch Multiple Ad Hoc Queries
The @AdHoc system procedure now allows you to submit multiple individual queries — separated by semicolons — in a single procedure call. The queries are performed as a single transaction; that is the queries all succeed as a group, or all queries are rolled back if any one of them fails.
1.2. Additional Capabilities for the LIKE Function
The LIKE function now supports arbitrary pattern matching. Previously, LIKE only supported matching prefixes; that is, patterns that consist of a text prefix followed by the percent sign wildcard. LIKE now supports wildcards anywhere in the pattern, including both the percent sign (for zero or more characters) and underscore (for a single character).
1.3. New SUBSTRING Function
The SUBSTRING function is now available in SQL queries. The syntax of the SUBSTRING function is the following:

SUBSTRING({string-expression} FROM {position} [FOR {length}] )

Where position specifies the starting position of the substring (starting at position 1) and length specifies the maximum length of the substring.

1.4. New Utility for Loading CSV Data
There is a new shell command, csvloader, for loading data from a CSV file into a VoltDB table. For example, the following command loads data from a CSV table, contestants.csv, into the CONTESTANTS table from the voter sample application.

$ csvloader CONTESTANTS -f contestants.csv

See the Appendix on CLI Commands in the Using VoltDB manual for details.


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