BigData – Key Figures

Back to basics, facts and key figures about the data:
  • Bad data or poor data quality costs US businesses $600 billion annually.
  • 247 billion e-mail messages are sent each day… up to 80% of them are spam.
  • Poor data or “lack of understanding the data” are cited as the #1 reasons for overrunning project costs.
  • 70% of data is created by individuals – but enterprises are responsible for storing and managing 80% of it. (source)
  • We can expect a 40-60 per cent projected annual growth in the volume of data generated, while media intensive sectors, including financial services, will see year on year data growth rates of over 120 per cent.
  • Every hour, enough information is consumed by internet traffic to fill 7 million DVDs.  Side by side, they’d scale Mount Everest 95 times.
  • The volume of data that businesses collect is exploding: in 15 of the US economy’s 17 sectors, for example, companies with upward of 1,000 employees store, on average, more information than the Library of Congress does (source).
  • 48 hours worth of video is posted on YouTube every hour of everyday (source).
  • Every month 30 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook (source).
  • By 2020 the production of data will be 44 times what we produced in 2009. (source)
  • If an average Fortune 1000 company can increase the usability of its data by just 10%, the company could expect an increase of over 2 billion dollars. (Source: InsightSquared infographic)

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