Mozilla launching Persona – decentralized and secure authentication system

Everyone agree since quite long time now: The password problem is the single most frustrating and alienating issue for normal users.

Mozilla is launching an ambitious project, code name Persona, to solve this problem for sure and as the solution is, technically speaking, simple and elegant it might really be the long time expected solution.


Mozilla Persona is a completely decentralized and secure authentication system for the web based on the open BrowserID protocol. To ensure that Persona works everywhere and for everyone, Mozilla currently operates a small suite of optional, centralized servicesrelated to Persona.

Why should you and your site use Persona?

  1. Persona completely eliminates site-specific passwords, freeing users and websites from the burden of creating, managing, and securely storing passwords.
  2. Persona is easy to use. With just two clicks a Persona user can sign into a new site like Voost or The Times Crossword, bypassing the friction associated with account creation.
  3. Persona is easy to implementDevelopers can add Persona to a site in a single afternoon.
  4. Best of all, there’s no lock-in. Developers get a verified email address for all of their users, and users can use any email address with Persona.
  5. Persona is built on the BrowserID protocol. Once popular browser vendors implement BrowserID, they will no longer need to rely on Mozilla to log in.

Read on to get started!


More information:


Bootstrapping Persona

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