Neo4j 1.8 Realease Candidate 1 has been released

Neo4j 1.8 Realease Candidate 1 has been released,  bringing performance and cypher improvements  and a bunch of nice changes, as noted in the change log:

  • Removed contention around allocating and moving persistence windows so that a thread won’t need to await another thread doing this refresh, instead just continue knowing that the windows will be optimally placed in a very near future.
  • Removed contention around translating a key (as String) into the ID by using copy-on-write map instead of a concurrent hash map. Used in property key as well as relationship type translation.
  • Fix for Node/Relationship#getPropertyValues() sometimes returning null values from the iterator.


  • Upgraded Jackson JAXRS to version 1.9.7
  • Keeping the Cypher execution engine between calls makes it possible to re-use execution plans
  • added User-Agent header tracking to udc to determine rest-driver usage


  • Removed the /../ literal for regular expressions. Now a normal string literal is used instead
  • Concatenation handles types better
  • Changed how the graph-matching module is used, to make it safe for concurrent use
  • Better type error messages
  • Renamed iterable to collection
  • Fixed #795: so that WITH keeps parameters also for empty aggregation results
  • Fixed #772: Creating nodes/relationships goes before SET, so SET can run on already created elements
  • Added error when using != instead of <>
  • Fixed #787: Issue when comparing array properties with literal collections
  • Fixed #751: Better error message for some type errors
  • Fixed #818: Problem where properties could only have scalar values (they can be arrays as well)
  • Fixed #834: Gives relevant syntax exception when properties are entered in MATCH

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