VoltDB 2.8.2 has been released

VoltDB 2.8.2 is out and can be downloaded here


Changes for 2.8.2 version:

Enabling Security Moved from the Project to the Deployment File
The configuration option that turns security on and off for a database has been moved from the project definition file to the deployment file. In other words, you now choose whether to enable security when you start VoltDB, rather than when you compile the schema.


This is a change to the application catalog. When starting a database from an older catalog, the security setting in the catalog will be ignored. All database applications that utilize VoltDB security features are strongly encouraged to make appropriate changes and recompile their catalog.

1.2. New String Functions Supported
VoltDB now supports several additional string functions in SQL queries, including CONCAT(), LEFT(), RIGHT(), REPEAT(), and SPACE(). See the appendix on SQL functions in theUsing VoltDB manual for details.
1.3. New Statistics Available
New statistics are available from the @Statistics system procedure by using the keyword “PLANNER”. Significant improvements have been made to the performance of ad hoc queries over the past few releases. Some improvements come from intelligent detection and routing of single-partition queries; other improvements come from caching ad hoc query plans to avoid re-planning recurring or similar queries. The PLANNER statistics provide information about the size and usage of the ad hoc planner cache. See the description of @Statisticsin the Using VoltDB manual for details.
1.4. Stricter Parsing of Export Tables in the Schema
Since export tables are for write only and are not materialized in the database, indexes have no effect. However, in previous versions VoltDB silently ignored indexes and primary keys defined on export tables. Starting with this release, the VoltDB compiler rejects such indexes. This change may result in schemas that previously compiled being rejected. The solution is to remove the offending indexes or primary keys from export tables.
1.5. Setting Additional Java Properties in VoltDB Enterprise Manager
The Enterprise Manager provides an interface for configuring many of the options related to the VoltDB processes that the management console starts. However, previously it was not possible to set arbitrary Java properties for these processes. It is now possible to pass the Enterprise Manager a string of Java options, as the environment variable VOLTDB_OPTS, that will be used when the Enterprise Manager starts server processes. See the appendix on Server Configuration Options in the VoltDB Management Guide for details.

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