Majestic Million help building linkdaq ( ), is now publishing free data under a free creative commons license.

The Majestic Million database is a list  of the top 1 million website in the world, ordered by the number of referring subnets. A subnet is a bit complex – but to a layman it is basically anything within an IP range, ignoring the last three digits of the IP number.


Regular Updates

We have set up a CRON job so that every day we will recompile the data, which is based on our Fresh index. It is POSSIBLE that on two consecutive days, the data is the same, if the Fresh Index did not update for some reason, but usually the data will change daily. Please do not try to download the data more than once every 24 hours, otherwise you will simply end up getting banned or we will have to reconsider giving the data away or putting it behind a walled garden.

Download Location

Be wary scrapers… this will do your head in if you weren’t expecting it… The Majestic Million CSV can regularly be downloaded here:


LinkDAQ is a fun (hopefully) trading game based off of the top 50,000 websites in the world.

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