Riak 1.2.1 has been released

Riak 1.2.1 has been released, it includes some really important bug fixes.



  • Aggregation of non-streamed MapReduce results was improved. Previous versions used an O(n^2) process, where n is the number of outputs for a phase. The aggregation in Riak 1.2 is O(n). (riak_kv#331,333, riak-erlang-client#58,59).
  • Timeouts of MapReduce jobs now produce less error log spam. The safe-to-ignore-but-confusing {sink_died, normal} messages have been removed. (riak_pipe#45)
  • The riak-admin transfers command now reports the status of active transfers. This gives more insight into what transfers are occurring, their type, their running time, and the rate at which data is being transferred. Calling this command will no longer stall handoff.
  • The memory storage backend for Riak KV now supports secondary indexes and has a “test” mode that lets developers quickly clear all local storage (useful in the context of an external test suite).

Bugs Fixed


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