Cassandra 1.1.10 has been released


Download Cassandra 1.1.10 at

Includes following bugfix:
  • fix saved key cache not loading at startup (CASSANDRA-5166)
  • fix ConcurrentModificationException in getBootstrapSource (CASSANDRA-5170)
  • fix sstable maxtimestamp for row deletes and pre-1.1.1 sstables (CASSANDRA-5153)
  • fix start key/end token validation for wide row iteration (CASSANDRA-5168)
  • add ConfigHelper support for Thrift frame and max message sizes (CASSANDRA-5188)
  • fix nodetool repair not fail on node down (CASSANDRA-5203)
  • always collect tombstone hints (CASSANDRA-5068)
  • Fix thread growth on node removal (CASSANDRA-5175)
  • Fix error when sourcing file in cqlsh (CASSANDRA-5235)
  • Make Ec2Region’s datacenter name configurable (CASSANDRA-5155)

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