Hadoop more than ever before @Yahoo!

Yahoo! is committed to Hadoop more than ever before, according to their developer blog

Hadoop at Yahoo!

Hadoop at Yahoo!

In 2012, we stabilized Hadoop 0.23 (a branch very close to Hadoop 2.0, less the HDFS HA enhancements), validated hundreds of user feeds and thousands of applications, and rolled it out on tens of thousands of production nodes. The rollout is expected to complete fully in Q1 2013, and is a testimony to what we stated earlier, our commitment to pioneering new ground for Hadoop. To give you an idea, we have run over 14 million jobs on YARN (Nextgen MapReduce for Apache Hadoop) and average more than 80,000 jobs on a single cluster per day on Hadoop 0.23. In addition, we made sure that the other Apache projects like PigHive,OozieHCatalog, and HBase run on top of Hadoop 0.23. We also stood up a near real-time scalable processing and storage infrastructure in a matter of few weeks with MapReduce/YARN, HBase, ZooKeeper, and Storm clusters to enable the next generation of Personalization and Targeting services for Yahoo!.

As the largest Hadoop user and a major open source contributor, we have continued our commitment to the advancement of Hadoop through co-hosting Hadoop Summit 2012 and sponsoring Hadoop World + Strata Conference, 2012 in NY. We continue to sponsor the monthly Bay Area Hadoop User Group meetup (HUG), one of the largest Hadoop meetups anywhere in the world, running into its fourth year now at the URL’s café of our Sunnyvale campus.


More information available at: http://developer.yahoo.com/blogs/ydn/posts/2013/02/hadoop-at-yahoo-more-than-ever-before/

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