Hypertable released

Hypertable version has been released.

Download here:  http://hypertable.com/download/0972/ 


  • Fixed bug in maintenance queue causing worker thread count to drop to 1 over time
  • Fixed CellStore concurrency and divide-by-zero problems
  • issue 1038: Stop connect retry attempts to recovered server
  • Added support for .cellstore.index pseudo-table
  • Schedule log cleanup compactions ahead of merging compactions
  • Rotate starting point in maintenance scheduler to avoid compaction starvation
  • Removed absolute path in jrun script
  • Implemented pure virtual function for older CellStore format
  • issue 991: added refresh_table to the Thrift interface
  • issue 999: needs_compaction bit not getting cleared
  • htpkg – don’t build thriftbroker-only packages by default
  • Maintenance scheduler overhaul; Pause app queue if prune threshold exceeded by 20%
  • Improved CommitLog purge break log message
  • Only wait for system range recovery in RangeServer::phantom_ methods
  • Got rid of exception output for INFO messages (HT_INFO_OUT)
  • Removed dependency to log4cpp
  • Added doxygen comments to src/cc/Common
  • Added Hypertable.RangeServer.Maintenance.LowMemoryPrioritization property
  • Finished adding doxygen comments to AsyncComm
  • Fixed balance plan server assignment problem
  • Fixed hang problem in ~TableScanner on scanner errors
  • Fixed handling of missing transfer log directory in PhantomRange
  • Fixed problem with explicitly supplied timestamps and TIME_ORDER DESC
  • Changed “tar -xjv” to “tar xjv” in Capfiles
  • Checked in auto-generated code from recent Thrift changes
  • Added two-serial-failover test
  • Re-enable load balancer
  • Got rid of deadlock in AsyncComm

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