Apache Kafka 0.8.0 released

Kafka is a Message Queue developed by LinkedIn that persists messages to disk in a very performant manner. It provides the functionality of a messaging system,  with a very unique design.

The 0.8.0 bring new features such as:

  • [KAFKA-50] – kafka intra-cluster replication support
  • [KAFKA-188] – Support multiple data directories
  • [KAFKA-202] – Make the request processing in kafka asynchonous
  • [KAFKA-203] – Improve Kafka internal metrics
  • [KAFKA-235] – Add a ‘log.file.age’ configuration parameter to force rotation of log files after they’ve reached a certain age
  • [KAFKA-429] – Expose JMX operation to set logger level dynamically
  • [KAFKA-475] – Time based log segment rollout
  • [KAFKA-545] – Add a Performance Suite for the Log subsystem
  • [KAFKA-546] – Fix commit() in zk consumer for compressed messages

Downloads version 0.8.0 here: http://kafka.apache.org/downloads.html

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