Storage market

We’ve been for quite a long time into a trend of ever cheaper storage capacity.The GB price have been falling until the industry crisis from 2011-2012 (flooding in Thailand). Even if the trend remains it seems like something I’ve changed.

1)┬áThe market is no longer seeking cheaper capacity storage but instead faster storage. SSD technologies will change the market just like the multi-core change the CPU market when power and heat issues forced chip makers in the early 2000’s to move from single to multiple cores to enable CPU design to keep pace with Moore’s Law

2)Even the demand of storage capacity has relieve for personal files. People no longer need to download and store locally their movies and music. Instead they can subscribe to legal offer such as Netflix,Spotify or benefit from service like Google Drive or DropBox. Not only cheaper but also simpler to use they have changed the market for times to come.


1956, IBM’s hard drive ….10 mo



The recent trend illustrated

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