NoSql event #2 – 2011/09/26

Article related to the second NoSql event – 26th September 2011;



NoSQL community in Luxembourg

NoSql Event #2 in Luxembourg

26th September 2011 – Agenda

  • 17h30 – Welcome, registration and introduction
  • 18h00 – “Design and Implementation of a Fast and Scalable Ranking Scheme for Internet Resources using Redis”, by Alexandre Dulaunoy (english)

CSIRTs team require tangible facts when handling incidents to give proper response but also pro-actively monitor evolution of Internet resources within their constituency. In that scope, CIRCL (the national CERT of Luxembourg) developed and integrated two tools to help the ranking of internet resources like ASN, domain name and IP addresses. The presentation will describe the design and implementation of BGP Ranking and Passive DNS to cope with the high-volume of information collected everyday.

  • 19h00 – “Nosql in practise at medium scale”, by Thibaut Britz (english)

Trendiction operates a cluster of more than 250 Nosql servers. Permanently, jobs are being executed on our cluster in order to crawl and analyze the data we collect. This presentation will address design and implementation of our current distributed job execution service.

  • 19h45 – Drink and networking

This event is open and free for everyone, but registration still required to ease organization.
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