Top 10 Data Breaches from 2011: #10

#10:  Selling Cars Online

Car dealer

Summary:  Victims lost about $44.5 million in online car scams.

Details:  Consumers browse legitimate websites only to get rerouted to a phony one with phony offers. Some consumers received emails with “special” deals.”  Either way, the scam netted a huge amount of money for criminals.

Why Significant:  This breach was significant for two reasons:

  1. Illustrates the potential damage from cross-site scripting.  As the FBI explained, “Typically the ad the consumer sees is either completely phony or was hijacked from another website. The buyer is asked to move from a legitimate website to a spoofed website, where it’s easier for the criminal to conduct business.”
  2. Extensive use of social networking.  The fraudsters used Facebook to build their credibility.  In fact, Facebook still hasn’t removed one of the bogus sites:


Did 2011 was the NoSQL year ?

Did 2011 was the NoSQL year ? Probably, Cassandra and Hadoop appears on the top 10 most important open source projects of 2011 …. but might very well still as such in 2012 and even more ….

  • Hadoop

Without a doubt, Hadoop has had a fantastic year. The distributed computing platform from Apache has seen massive uptake and industry support.Hadoop is being used and/or supported by almost every enterprise player. Naturally it’s big with Yahoo, the company that started the project, but it’s also being used by Amazon, IBM, Twitter, Facebook, and just about any other company that’s working with Big Data.

  • Cassandra

Was 2011 the peak of noSQL as a buzzword, or was that 2010? It’s so hard to keep track, but Apache Cassandra deserves a slot in the top 10 this year buzzword or no. Cassandra has been adopted by an impressive list of users including IBM, Netflix, Digg, Facebook, Rackspace, and many others.


Two other projects of 2011 to be noticed:

  • NodeJS
  • jQuery


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