Bitcoinica hacked close to $100k USD stolen

Bitcoinica has been shutdown until further notice, following a theft of 18,000 BTC.News of the hack was posted this morning by Bitcoinica’s founder, Zhoutong:

“Today, we have discovered a suspicious Bitcoin transaction that doesn’t seem to be initiated by any one of the company owners. Some of them are not online at the moment so this is not conclusive.

Suspicious transaction:

“account” : “”,
“address” : “182tGyiczhXSSCTciVujNRkkMw1zQxUVhp”,
“category” : “send”,
“amount” : -18547.66867623,
“fee” : 0.00000000,
“blockhash” : “00000000000003f6bfd3e2fcbf76091853b28be234b5473a67f89b9d5bee019c”,
“blockindex” : 1,
“txid” : “7a22917744aa9ed740faf3068a2f895424ed816ed1a04012b47df7a493f056e8″,
“time” : 1336738723

We have contacted Rackspace to suspend all our servers and lock down our accounts. All your trading and financial data is safe (as far as I know), apart from the Bitcoin loss. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we investigate this issue in detail.”

And in a follow-up post:

“Our data is kept inact. Any order placed before the shutdown will still be valid. However, no order execution will happen (no zhoutonging either).
If the market moves significantly, we will come up with a proposal to compensate disadvantaged customers once the investigation is complete.”

Bitcoinica was also the victim of a 43,000 BTC ($215,000 USD) heist back on March 1st.

It will be interesting to see how the market is affected by the inability of traders to take leveraged positions in either direction. Also, you should not surf to, as the site has been redirected to a porn site.

Bitcoins exchange Bitscapler user data leak

Please be warned of a possible breach in Bitscapler’s ( user database, exposing user’s login and password information.

We are still waiting for an official announcement from Bitscalper about this leak, users who use and who also happen to use the same credentials for other  services should update their  password as soon as possible on other bitcoins services.