dotnetConf – Applied NoSQL in .NET

Live video from theĀ dotnetConf

Perhaps you’ve heard about the next generation of databases roughly classified as NoSQL databases? These databases are generally much better than RDBMS at scaling, performance, and ease-of-development (e.g. in NoSQL the object-relational impedance mismatch usually disappears). Unfortunately, many talks on NoSQL are very academic and general. Not this one. This session will introduce the ideas around the so-called NoSQL movement, and we’ll learn how to leverage MongoDB (a popular open source NoSQL db) to build .NET applications using LINQ as the data access language. We’ll build out a .NET application using LINQ and MongoDB in a series of interactive demos using Visual Studio 2012 and C#.


MongoDB C# driver version 1.5 has been released

MongoDB C# driver version 1.5 has been released and introduces few breaking changes.



Breaking changes:
  • Any custom IBsonSerializer implementations utilizing the methods GetDocumentId, SetDocumentId, GetMemberSerializationInfo, or GetItemSerializationInfo will need to implement the corresponding interface to restore functionality; IBsonIdProvider, IBsonDocumentSerializer, IBsonArraySerializer
  • A call to BsonSerializer.RegisterSerializer will now fail for types that implement IBsonSerializable
  • The BsonDefaultSerializer methods IsTypeDiscriminated, LookupActualType, LookupDiscriminatorConvention, RegisterDiscriminator, and RegisterDiscriminatorConvention have been moved to BsonSerializer.
  • ObjectId.TryParse will now return false instead of throwing an exception when argument is null
  • BsonDocumentWrapper no longer ignores null, but wrather wraps it with a BsonNull.Value. Any code relying on BsonDocumentWrapper ignoring null will need to be evaluated.
  • Custom collection/dictionary classes are now serialized by a collection/dictionary serializer instead of the class map serializer. This means that the items will be serialized instead of the properties and fields. Any code relying on the old behaviour will need to use BsonClassMap.RegisterClassMap with their custom collection/dictionary to preserve the old behaviour.
  • The static Query class used to build queries has changed significantly. Users of this class can either modify their code or add a using statement alias to the old version. The DeprecatedQuery version will get dropped in version 2.0.


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