Visualizing Activity on Facebook

In 2010, Paul Butler produced a striking image of the world by visualizing friendships.  At the Where 2.0 conference earlier this year, we presented some visualizations that describe how people use location in their Facebook posts.

Liking places, checking in and tagging photos with a location are just a few examples of how people use location to interact and communicate with friends. The images below attempt to visually analyze how people are using location with Facebook and present some unique slices of data.

These posts were created by processing location data using the aptly named Processing,  a Java based open-source language for creating visualizations. We chose various time slices, from a single day snapshot to year-to-date images for analyzing longer-term trends.



CIA World Factbook 2010 data visualization

Before starting 2011, it still time to publish this great data visualization tools, based on CIA world factbook 2010 data: