New Flashbook: DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration

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Just in time for IDUG, Paul Zikopoulos and his team of co-authors have created a new ebook for you to deepen your skills in regards to the latest release.  Here are some details about the flashbook:


DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration – New Dynamic In-Memory Analytics for the Era of Big Data


Paul Zikopoulos, Matthew Huras, George Baklarz, Sam Lightstone, Aamer Sachedina

Technical editor: Roman B. Melnyk

Coverage includes:

  • Speed of Thought Analytics with new BLU Acceleration

  • Always Available Transactions with enhanced pureScale reliability

  • Unprecedented Affordability with optimization for SAP workloads

  • Future Proof Versatility with business grade NoSQL and mobile database for greater application flexibility

About the book:

If big data is an untapped natural resource, how can you find the gold dust hidden within?  Leaders realize that big data means all data, and are moving quickly to understand both structured and unstructured application data.  However, analyzing this data without impacting the performance and reliability of essential business applications can prove costly and complex.

In the new era of big data, businesses require data systems that can blend always available transactions with speed of thought analytics.  DB2 10.5 with new BLU Acceleration provides this speed, simplicity and cost efficiency while providing the ability to build next-generation applications with NoSQL features.

With this book, you’ll learn about the power and flexibility of multi-workload, multi-platform database software.  Use the comprehensive knowledge from this book to get started with the latest DB2 release by downloading the trial version.  Visit

IBM's BLU Acceleration aims to change Big Data

“In contrast to some competitors, the company believes Big Data isn’t some new issue requiring emerging or arcane technologies,” said analyst Charles King on IBM’s BLU Acceleration technologies. “Instead, IBM views Big Data as a fundamental challenge that stretches across the IT landscape, tangibly affecting the technology market as a whole.”

Three new products have just been rolled out by IBM, including technologies that promise 25 times faster reporting and analytics.

  1. A new acceleration technology “BLU Acceleration” targeting DB2 solutions.
  2. A new IBM PureData System for Hadoop. Hadoop is the game-changing open-source solution for big data.
  3. A new version of InfoSphere BigInsights, IBM’s enterprise-ready Hadoop offering, which makes it simpler to develop applications using existing SQL skills.


About “BLU Acceleration”:

  1. Extending In-Memory solution IBM said BLU Acceleration makes it possible for users to access key information more quickly, which, in turn, leads to better decision-making. That extension allows data to be loaded into RAM instead of hard disks for faster performance by providing in-memory performance even when data sets exceed the size of the memory.
  2. BLU Acceleration include “data skipping.” Data skipping allows the ability to skip over data that doesn’t need to be analyzed, such as duplicate information. Other innovations include the ability to analyze data in parallel across different processors and greater ability to analyze data transparently to the application, without the need to develop a separate layer of data modeling.
  3. Another industry-first advance in BLU Acceleration is called “actionable compression,” where data no longer has to be decompressed to be analyzed. During testing, some queries in a typical analytics workload were more than 1,000 times faster when using the combined innovations of BLU Acceleration.