Top 10 job trends

Top 10 job trends include many mobile technology and bigdata related technology, including MongoDB and Hadoop according to

1959 job offer by IBM

For fun, 1959 job offer.

Bring to your attention IBM hire 4 Nobel prizes


1984 Microsoft job posting

For fun, a 1984 Microsoft job posting
From: gordonl@microsoft.uucp (Gordon Letwin)
Date: Tue, 21-Feb-84 14:27:14 EST
Subject: Microsoft needs Wizards
This is a “solicitation” letter from the Microsoft Corp.  It’s written
by a software engineer, rather than the personnel dept:
I consider Microsoft an excellent home for the software wizard because:

1) its a great place to work.  The company is owned (a key issue) 
           and operated by software wizards: Bill Gates and Paul Allen.
This means :
– private offices (as many with windows as topology permits)
– informal lounges for design/discussion/rap sessions
– whatever hardware facilities are needed for the job
– Microwave ovens, refrigerators, free soda, etc.
throughout the buildings

But, most importantly, you’re working for and with other
systems programmers that understand both the job and the
people.  The technical hierarchy is kept very simple and
“shallow” so that there is minimal bullshit and over-

Since the development people report strictly to software
engineers, who report directly to chairman/CEO Gates, we
never do anything stupid because some manager/MBA/suit-type
has power without knowledge.  (When we do something stupid,
its our own fault!) Likewise, there are no “politics”, just

2) The work that you do here at Microsoft MATTERS.  Your work
won’t be canceled due to some political/financial upheaval,
nor just used in-house; your work will be used by millions
of people.  Most sharp software people have seen endless
amounts of software that “missed the boat”.  If you’ve felt
this way, here’s your chance to show the world (and yourself)
just how good you are.

I’ve been here over 5 years; thats the most sincere recommendation I
can give.  This is a place where I can literally explore the limits of
my capabilities as a software engineer.  The company that did the
first microcomputer system software (BASIC), the first plug-in
processor (the Softcard), the first lap-held computer (we conceived
and designed the Tandy Model 100) and many other “firsts” lacks no
boldness of vision.  Since we’re “owned and operated” by these same
bold people, having no venture capital owners or cash crunches to
limit us, the company’s limits are set only by the ability of our
engineers to envision great things and then to (the tough part) make
them fly.

Like the variety of small startups, Microsoft offers its key technical
people stock options.  We can offer technical challenges as good as
or better than startups, financial packages ditto, and, since we’re

> 90% owned by ourselves, we have no outside investors to restrict or

direct our development efforts.
If you’re interested in the possibilities, please send your resume or
request additional information from:

Joann Rahal
Microsoft Corp.
10700 Northup Way
Bellevue, WA  98004

NoSQL job offer trend



Clearly starting from early 2010, the number of job offering for NoSQL position remain very strong one year and an half later.

Wanna add NoSQL skills into your CV ?


About Indeed

Indeed is the #1 job site worldwide, with over 50 million unique visitors and 1 billion job searches per month.

Indeed is available in more than 50 countries and 26 languages, covering 94% of global GDP.


Job offer for Social-Web Search company in Luxembourg


“As a fast growing Social-Web Search company in Luxembourg, we develop high-end crawling technologies and search engines for our professional clients in Europe. We were recently granted the ITOne ‘Young ICT Talent’ and the Paperjam ‘Prix de l’innovation’ awards in 2010.”

Their website

So if you looking for job opportunity in Luxembourg and motivated by producing code for large scale application tools like apache hadoop, cassandra, hbase, zookeeper running on more than 100 servers, and processing terabytes of data each day.

They are currently extending their engineering team by several engineers;


NoSQL job offer in Luxembourg

Trendiction Hiring Search Specialist:

Trendiction is a growing web data collector company which crawls, analyzes, indexes and stores the content of news sites, blogs, message boards and other social media, in order to make this data available to our clients in a structured format.

Our clients are market research companies, analytic companies, and generally anyone who needs access to high quality social media data.

For more information, please visit our website at

We are extending our developer team by 3 or more developers. This job offer is for a permanent position at our offices at the Technoport in Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg.

Requirements and Experience:

* Java
* Good algorithm & data structure knowledge (e.g.
* Very strong information retrieval knowledge (tf-idf, lucene, stemming, faceted search, …)
* Ability (and appreciation) for working in a small company/startup environment.
* University background (Bachelor or Master degree in computer sciences or related fields)

You should be creative, self-motivated, be able to write quick prototypes, try things out on your own and simply get things done.

A plus if you have experience setting up automated build tools and test tools, or are a java expert.

Preferentially, you have developed/designed/run a large scale search cluster in production.


* Improve/redesign current search engine (in terms of retrieval speed, indexation speed, quantity of indexed data and reliability)
* Add new features (language dependent search, statistics, ability to access more metadata, faceted search, …)

What we provide:

* Work on interesting problems/features/products involving large datasets.
* Write production code for large scale application tools like apache hadoop, cassandra, hbase, zookeeper running on over 50 servers, and processing terabytes of data each day.
* Work in a team of ETH Zurich, Harvard and TU Munich graduates.
* Start-up atmosphere and environment: actively take part in the development of the company.


Thibaut Britz   –  CTO
+352 20 33 35 31

Trendiction S.à.r.l.
66, rue de Luxembourg
L-4221 Esch-sur-Alzette