RethinkDB 1.3 has been released

From official RethinkDB blog

We’ve released RethinkDB 1.3 which has a large number of enhancements, and adds support for OS X and several other platforms. As of the 1.3 release, the server can now be installed on the following platforms:

  • OS X Lion and above (>= 10.7)
  • 32-bit and 64-bit Ubuntu Lucid and above (>= 10.04)

Porting to OS X was one of the most requested features, and allows OS X users to try RethinkDB without installing a Linux VM. The story of long and arduous adventure of overcoming the many differences between the Darwin and Linux kernels and their surrounding environments remains to be told by @srh.

The 1.3 release involved closing sixty-nine issues over five weeks, including twenty-five bug fixes, ten enhancements, and thirty-four general improvements. A number of community projects based on RethinkDB have started in the past month, so we’re kicking off a community projects wiki with various contributions from community members including C, Haskell, and Go client drivers, example code, and portability recipes.

Download the latest release, and check back soon for more cool stuff!

Couchbase Unveils New NoSQL Lineup for Mac OS X Developers

Developers using Mac OS X now have more options.  Couchbase is launching a new version of their Membase Server, and an upgraded version of their Couchbase Server.Designed and optimized for the data management needs of interactive web applications, now provides a developer-friendly interface to better serve Mac-centric, web-focused developers.

  • Membase Server for Mac OS X, a community edition released today, provides developer-friendly features that integrate seamlessly and take full advantage of the operating system, making it even easier for Mac users to develop scalable web applications against Membase Server.
  • Applications built with Membase Server for Mac OS X can be seamlessly deployed on the production platform of choice; Membase Server currently supports Windows as well as Red Hat and Ubuntu Linux.
  • Membase open source technology provides a distributed key-value database with integrated memcached caching technology, enabling dynamic cluster elasticity and sustained low-latency, high-throughput data operations. Its core technology powers 18 of the top 20 largest websites; and few web applications now enter production without it. Organizations such as Zynga and ShareThis use Membase to dramatically lower data management costs while improving the scalability and performance of their demanding interactive web applications.


All details available here: