Mesos 0.13.0 released

Mesos 0.13 has been released and fix many bugs and include the following improvment:

  • [MESOS-46] – Refactor MasterTest to use fixture
  • [MESOS-134] – Add Python documentation
  • [MESOS-140] – Unrecognized command line args should fail the process
  • [MESOS-242] – Add more tests to Dominant Share Allocator
  • [MESOS-305] – Inform the frameworks / slaves about a master failover
  • [MESOS-346] – Improve OSX configure output when deprecated headers are present.
  • [MESOS-360] – Mesos jar should be built for java 6
  • [MESOS-409] – Master detector code should stat nodes before attempting to create
  • [MESOS-472] – Separate ResourceStatistics::cpu_time into ResourceStatistics::cpu_user_time and ResourceStatistics::cpu_system_time.
  • [MESOS-493] – Expose version information in http endpoints
  • [MESOS-503] – Master should log LOST messages sent to the framework
  • [MESOS-526] – Change slave command line flag from ‘safe’ to ‘strict’
  • [MESOS-602] – Allow Mesos native library to be loaded from an absolute path
  • [MESOS-603] – Add support for better test output in newer versions of autools

Download the most recent stable release: 0.13.0. (Release Notes)