VoltDB 1.3 released

VoltDB Company officially release VoltDB version 1.3 with several important enhancements including:


  • Developer capabilities. Version 1.3 introduces a number of important features for developers.  VoltDB can now be natively accessed from .NET applications and services with the new .NET client connector.  The .NET client connector is fast and lightweight, and offers instant accessibility to VoltDB via Microsoft Visual Studio.  The second developer feature in VoltDB 1.3 is query plan visualization and hinting, providing developers with the ability to influence join ordering and execution.  Finally, VoltDB 1.3 now offers a library of APIs to programmatically control database deployment, administration and management.
  • Database interoperability. Version 1.3 includes significant enhancements to VoltDB’s Export infrastructure, which allows VoltDB to easily integrate with data warehouses, operational databases and other downstream data stores.  New performance and availability improvements include the ability to write export overflow data to disk based storage, automatic detection and persistence across database node failures, and optimizations to improve throughput and stability.
  • Redesigned management consoles and new RESTful API. The VoltDB Enterprise Manager (VEM) has been completely redesigned to make managing VoltDB clusters easier and more powerful. VEM 1.3 now includes the ability to define, deploy and manage multiple VoltDB databases from a single console instance.  VEM 1.3 also provides numerous new charts and reports that display database statistics such as latency, transaction throughput and CPU/memory utilization.  The foundation of VEM 1.3 is a comprehensive library of Web services, collectively referred to as the VEM RESTful API, which allow programmatic control over all of the functionality exposed through the VEM visual user interface.  The VEM and VEM RESTful API are available in the VoltDB Enterprise Edition version 1.3.


Official annoucement

Downloads community edition

Jaspersoft released bunch of NoSQL connectors

 Jaspersoft has just released number of NoSQL connectors to take advantage of big data solution from its  Business Intelligence (BI) reporting software.

This annoucement is important, due to the lack of currently existing reporting solution with NoSQL integration or connector and due to the large coverage of the NoSQL solution.


Support include the following:

  • Hadoop – Jaspersoft supports Hadoop via the Hive SQL interface, reading files via HDFS including the Avro file format, as well as via HBase.
  • NoSQL – Jaspersoft offers NoSQL support for the following, broadly recognized major categories of data stores: Key Value Stores, Document Databases, BigTable Clones, Graph Databases, and Data Grid Caching among others. Jaspersoft’s open source projects for reporting against NoSQL technologies include: Cassandra, MongoDB, Riak, HBase, CouchDB, Neo4J, Infinispan, VoltDB and Redis. A non-open source connector is in beta for VMware GemFire.


Official annoucement on the company blog is available here