Opa unified all web programming Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL

Opa is an open source, simple and unified platform for writing web applications. All aspects are directly written in Opa: Frontend code, backend code, database queries and configuration. And everything is strongly statically typed.

Opa is available on MacOSX,Windows,Linux and FreeBSD

Designed specifically for web apps, Opa is a great tool for easily building real-time web applications and services as well as games! And thanks to it’s event-driven, non-blocking approach, Opa is perfect for writing any social application.


Learn more: http://www.opalang.org/

Web SQL Database is dead

W3C Working Group just updated the “Web SQL Database” project webpage with the following statement:

“Beware. This specification is no longer in active maintenance and the Web Applications Working Group does not intend to maintain it further.”

Official web page here:   http://www.w3.org/TR/webdatabase/